Monofocal Lenses

Our advanced monofocal lenses are the standard option for cataract surgery. The lens will be set to focus at one main focal point at distance, intermediate, or near. Corrective lenses will be needed for all activities requiring vision at other distances.

A monofocal lens does not correct for astigmatism. Certain advanced implants that use WaveFront technology can even improve nighttime vision quality and image sensitivity because it adjusts to your unique eye.

Blended Vision

Blended vision uses two advanced monofocal lenses to “blend” your vision at different focal points for each eye. Your brain then learns to utilize the focal length of each eye in specific situations. Many patients achieve freedom from corrective lenses for most daily activities with blended vision.

Lens Comparisons

Distance Intermediate Near Variables
Monofocal Excellent N/A N/A None
Blended Vision Excellent Variable Excellent Patient Education
Multifocal Excellent Fair Good Halos
Accomodating Excellent Excellent Variable Near Vision
Toric Excellent N/A N/A Astigmatism Correction