Premium Lenses

Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses offer good vision at multiple distances for most patients. Concentric circles built into the lens allow the eye to focus at multiple distances. The center of the lens provides distance vision and each surrounding ring focuses vision at intermediate and near ranges. A majority of patients who receive a multifocal lens implant do not need to wear corrective lenses after surgery. Some patients with multifocal lens implants experience halos or glare in their vision at night.

Accommodating IOL in eye

Accommodating Lenses

In younger eyes, the natural lens “flexes,” or moves, to help the eye focus at different distances. As the eye ages, the lens loses this flexibility, which leads to the need for corrective lenses for many people.

Our accommodating lenses mimic the “flex” of a younger, natural lens to offer patients a continuous range of vision while reducing halos or glare at night. Some patients will still need reading glasses with their accommodating lens implant.

Some eyes take longer than others to grow accustomed to multifocal and accommodating lenses, and the potential exists for problems with halos and glare (particularly at night.) However, such problems have been limited and usually improve over time. Patients experiencing these difficulties still tend to experience better vision than they did prior to having the lens implanted.

Due to the sophisticated design of multifocal and accommodating lenses, they are usually not fully covered by your insurance and will often carry an additional fee.

TECNIS® Symfony Lens

The latest addition to our premium lens offerings is the TECNIS Symfony. This lens offers an extended range of vision for those having cataract surgery. Typically, when choosing a lens with an extended range of vision there is an increased occurrence of halos and glare after surgery. With this state-of-the-art lens, you can have all the benefits of the accommodative lens without experiencing an increase in risk for halos. The TECNIS Symfony is available in non-toric and toric options.

Lens Comparisons

Distance Intermediate Near Variables
Monofocal Excellent N/A N/A None
Blended Vision Excellent Variable Excellent Patient Education
Multifocal Excellent Fair Good Halos
Accomodating Excellent Excellent Variable Near Vision
Toric Excellent N/A N/A Astigmatism Correction