Return of vision begins immediately following the procedure, although it will still be quite blurry for several hours after procedure. For the first four hours, your eyes may feel irritated and water a lot. We recommend that you take a three to four hour nap to give your eyes a chance to recover and adjust. After your nap, your vision will be much better. And the next day, it will be even better! In fact, 99% of people can pass their driver’s test just 24 hours after their LASIK surgery.

PRK patients will experience a slower recovery of vision and will have a few more days of irritated eyes after their procedure. Driving and work may not be possible after PRK for three to seven days, depending on your pre-operative prescription. After the PRK procedure is finished, we will place a special bandage soft contact lens on the eye. This lens remains on the eye until the surface is completely healed, usually five to seven days.

If you have any concerns about your level of vision the next day, it would be wise to have someone drive you to your appointment the day after your procedure.

You will be using medicated drops and artificial tears after the procedure. We will give you both written and verbal instructions about how to care for your eyes after LASIK both at the time of your procedure and also the next day. And, as always, you can call us at (320) 258‑6609 with any questions regarding the care of your eyes.

Most patients tell us that the whole experience is much better and easier than they expected!