Day of Procedure

In preparation for the actual procedure, your eyes will be numbed with anesthetic eye drops. The surgeon will then place an eyelid holder between your eyelids to keep your eye open during the short procedure.

Next, a thin protective flap is made in the cornea. While some centers only make this flap with a handheld blade called a “microkeratome,” St. Cloud LASIK offers a second option for making the flap: a laser. St. Cloud LASIK uses the most advanced LASIK technology and is proud to offer the Z-LASIK method for laser flap creation. We are one of the first practices in the United States to acquire the system, one of the most advanced blade-free technologies in the world for laser vision correction.

After the flap is created, we carefully fold the protective flap out of the way. Using a cool excimer laser, the exposed cornea is gently reshaped. At St. Cloud LASIK, the VISX STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser delivers our customized vision correction. This advanced laser technology integrates data collected from the WaveScan Wavefront System to deliver precise customized treatments that are 25 times more accurate than conventional treatments.

The reshaped cornea works to properly focus light into the eye and onto the retina, providing clearer vision than before. Following the laser correction, the flap is laid back in place, where it will bond with your eye without the need for stitches.