John Pearson talks about how his cataract surgery with Dr. Lucius has allowed him to continue enjoying life in the outdoors.

Lin Peterson, talking about her cataract consultation and surgery with Dr. Bradley Anderson: “When I left the office I felt like this was the right place to be.”

Dr. Gary Boeke discusses the development of cataracts and his recent cataract surgery with Dr. Anderson.

Dave Cook tells about his experience with cataract surgery at St. Cloud Eye Clinic under the care of Dr. Rice.

Kathy Schmidt explains her decision to have cataract surgery with Dr. Lucius at St. Cloud Eye Clinic.

Just want to thank Dr. Anderson for the successful cataract removal yesterday (4/22) on my left eye at the VA eye clinic yesterday. Wow!! Couldn’t believe til last evening after my pupils adjusted that the few minutes he spent on me turned out so well. Wow!! Thank you so much!

Gerald V.

Refractive Lens Exchange

Jean Hart discusses her experience with Lens Exchange surgery with Dr. Rice at St. Cloud Eye Clinic.