Crystalens Workbooks

The Crystalens® vision workbooks are a series of six different books used for post-Crystalens vision therapy. Each book has sixteen different word search puzzles designed to be completed over a two-week cycle, completing one exercise per day. There are six books so it will take twelve weeks to complete the entire program.

The workbooks contain a series of exercises that allow the eyes to focus on letters of smaller and smaller size, stimulating the eyes to accommodate. The size of the letters and the number of puzzles are intended to establish a daily exercise program to gradually improve the function of the eyes.

Most of the puzzles have fun, light hearted topics. Just like traditional word search games, these have a series of words hidden throughout the puzzle. The words are listed on each page so the player knows which ones to look for.

Crystalens Workbook 1

Crystalens Workbook 2

Crystalens Workbook 3

Crystalens Workbook 4

Crystalens Workbook 5

Crystalens Workbook 6