Kat sees 20/15 after LASIK

You’ve probably heard Kat on 104.7 KCLD, but you may not have known that Kat is a new mom.  Like many moms with active kids and a full schedule, Kat decided she didn’t have time for glasses or contacts.

After a consultation with Dr. Lucius and his team,  Kat chose St. Cloud LASIK and had a great experience.   Kat says she’s loving her clear vision and freedom from glasses and contacts – watch this video to hear more about her experience with St. Cloud LASIK.

 “The coolest experience! Before I went in for my LASIK, I couldn’t see anything clearly. At my last checkup I was 20 / 15. Pretty impressive. I don’t even know where my glasses are anymore. Thanks Dr. Lucius and St Cloud LASIK!”

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