Questions to Ask About the Cost of LASIK

While LASIK surgery is an extremely wise choice for any candidate, the decision to proceed with surgery and a particular surgeon should always be approached with an inquisitive mind. The facility, the surgeon’s experience, and your individual goals following the procedure should all be greatly considered. Above all else, one of the most pressing topics we get asked about are questions related to the cost of LASIK. Check out some of the most popular questions to ask your surgeon about the cost of LASIK.

Does insurance cover LASIK surgery?

This is probably the most asked question when it comes to LASIK. Overall, LASIK is not a medically necessary procedure, meaning there are other options (like contacts and glasses) that can be explored to correct one’s vision outside of LASIK. Because of this, insurance does not cover the cost of the procedure, in the traditional sense. However, if your plan offers an HSA or an FSA, there is a good chance that those funds can be used towards the cost of LASIK! Always check with your insurance provider prior to scheduling to see what is covered under these add-on policies.

Are there financing options for the cost of LASIK surgery?

While the total cost of LASIK may seem high, chances are a good provider offers some form of payment plan. Sometimes they may make payment arrangements internally within their office, while others allow payments through third-party financing companies, like Care Credit. Plans can vary greatly in interest and fee schedules; some boast 0% interest, some can spread payments out over several years. Regardless of the plan, the great thing is that LASIK is more affordable than you may have previously thought!

Is there an Assurance Plan for LASIK surgery?

A good LASIK surgeon will offer all patients an assurance policy incorporated into the total cost of LASIK. An assurance plan is usually limited to a specific time frame and it covers any type of fine tuning that may be needed when specific criteria are met. This will give patients a great peace of mind, and it also gives them the best possible outcome.

St. Cloud LASIK’s Answers

St. Cloud LASIK is the region’s premiere LASIK provider, offering unsurpassed vision care and the industry’s leading laser technology. Our commitment to technology and comprehensive vision care ensures you receive the best possible outcome for your vision.

Continuing this standard of excellence, at St. Cloud LASIK we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the industry norm in regards to the financial side of LASIK. We believe everyone who is a candidate for LASIK should be able to go forward with the procedure, which is why we offer many financing plans all the way up to 48 months! We also believe continuing care is vital to a successful outcome, so we offer a complimentary assurance plan for 2 years following your surgery, when all routine post-operative criteria is met.

For more information on the costs associated with LASIK through St. Cloud LASIK, and to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure, please request your free LASIK screening online.


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