We have been improving our patients’ lives by correcting vision using refractive technology since 1997.

The first step is to schedule a free, no obligation LASIK screening. Through a series of tests and measurements, our team will determine which procedure, if any, you qualify for.

The goal of any refractive surgical procedure is to reduce your dependence on corrective lenses. However, we cannot guarantee you will have 20/20 vision as a result. Our commitment to you is that we will not perform laser vision correction on you or anyone we feel does not have a good possibility of achieving independence from glasses and contacts. The vast majority of our patients are extremely happy with their results and can do most activities without dependence on corrective lenses after laser vision correction.

No. You will receive eye drops that eliminate any pain. The only thing you might feel is a little pressure while your flap is being created.

The surgeon gently inserts a device that assists in keeping your eyes open during the procedure. Then, advanced tracking technology follows every eye movement to make sure every laser pulse is placed in an accurate location.

LASIK is an acronym for “laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis.” You may recognize the Latin term in situ as meaning “in its original place.” Keratomileusis is Greek: kerato is a prefix meaning “cornea,” while mileusis means “to shape.” Essentially this describes LASIK as a procedure that uses a laser to reshape the cornea.

Because contact lenses modify the shape of the cornea, they must be left out long enough for your eyes to return to their natural shape. Soft contacts must be left out for two weeks prior to the consultation. People wearing hard contacts may need to wait longer. Ask our office or your eye doctor when you should discontinue wearing them before your evaluation and procedure.

To achieve the best possible visual outcome, it is very important that your eyes are carefully examined and your vision is closely monitored during your recovery. Examinations are prescribed at significant intervals to ensure proper healing and stability of vision.

Yes. We offer flexible monthly payment plans with excellent terms.