St. Cloud Eye Clinic is proud to announce that we’ve broken the 1,000 mark for online patient reviews! Thank you to all of our patients who have taken the time to review our vision services – it means a lot to us that you’ve trusted us with your vision AND you’ve taken the time to share your experience with others.

One question patients ask us is, “Why do you ask all your patients to review your services?” There are actually two important answers to that question.

First, we really want to know how our patients think we’re doing! If something we do isn’t working or a patient isn’t happy, we want to know about it. This is one important way we constantly focus on serving the community better.

Second, people around St. Cloud have an important decision to make about who to trust with their vision. We think it’s important to hear from real patients about their experiences so you know what to expect and who you can trust. Not all of our reviews are positive, but with a nearly 96% approval rating, we continue to offer St. Cloud’s leading vision program.

Hear what some of our patients had to say:

“Very professional. (I do not take this for granted as I have certainly shopped around for a reason.)”

“Dr. Lucius and staff are wonderful people to work with. They are caring people and answer any questions to the level you can understand. I would highly recommend Dr. Lucius to any family members and friends!”

“Good experience. Wait time was minimal and Dr. Harstad does a great job of telling you what he’s doing and what he sees. No wondering what is going on and what is happening. Friendly office staff as well. Keep up the good work!”

“Always treated well. Dr. Rice saved my eye sight, I can’t thank him enough.”

“I was referred to Dr. Anderson by my optometrist to discuss multiple issues, including refractive lens replacement and symptoms consistent with the possible onset of glaucoma. Dr. Anderson was informative and helpful. He provided me with several options for treatment, and explained benefits and concerns for each option. I left the clinic with a clear picture of my condition, and a clear understanding of my options. I was very impressed with Dr. Anderson’s knowledge, and I was very grateful for his interest and concern.”

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