In December, we selected the second Gift of Vision Giveaway winner, Jared Stephany, to receive LASIK in both eyes. Dr. Rice performed the procedure for Stephany in February “At my follow up appointment I was [seeing] 20/15.”

So, how does the world look after LASIK? Jared Stephany tells us, “It’s great. Everything is clearer, brighter, sharper.”

The most surprising part of LASIK, according Stephany, is how simple and quick it was. “When I tell people I had LASIK, many of them tell me they have always wanted to have it done but are nervous about the procedure. I thought it would be more uncomfortable but it really isn’t. And the healing process was also simple and easy. I was ready to go the next day without any problems.”

Clearer vision means more possibilities for Stephany—big and small, “I’ve delayed getting scuba certified because of poor vision, but I plan on doing that this year!”

He also enjoys the more minor changes better vision produced: “So many things are easier and more fun without glasses. I swim more at the gym and playing basketball is easier without glasses. I’m looking forward to fishing season!”

Enjoy the Gift of Vision!

Clearer, Brighter, Sharper - Post