For Nico Velazquez, LASIK was easy.

As a CrossFit trainer and gymnastics coach, Nico has experienced the freedom of LASIK from St. Cloud Eye Clinic.

Nico was an active athlete throughout high school and college, and he didn’t seem to have problems with his glasses or contacts. When he finished competing and began focusing on his studies, he could not tolerate his contacts anymore. “They always left a dry feeling in my eye and even when I wasn’t wearing them it felt like they were in,” Nico says.

When Nico began doing CrossFit and coaching gymnastics, he started to have trouble with his glasses. They would frequently get sweat on them or get knocked off his face and broken. “Let’s just say my glasses spent more time on the ground than they did my face,” Nico says.

After over three years of consideration, Nico decided to get LASIK so he wouldn’t need to keep replacing his glasses. With as frequently as he needed to replace his glasses, LASIK was a worthwhile solution.

Nico came to St. Cloud Eye Clinic for his vision correction procedure, and he says his experience was great. Dr. Bradley Anderson and the St. Cloud Eye Clinic team was straight-forward and gave him all the information he needed for the procedure. Nico says he had clear instructions that were easy to follow. The procedure ran smoothly, and the recovery was quick. Nico says getting LASIK was one of the easiest things he has ever done.

After his procedure, Nico has enjoyed not needing to find his glasses when he wakes up in the morning. “Before LASIK my first instinct every day was to reach for my glasses and put them on,” Nico says. “Now that isn’t something I have to worry about.”

Nico has enjoyed how LASIK has benefited his workouts and coaching because he does not need to worry about what he should do with his glasses. He can spot during his athletes’ workouts without anything happening to his glasses. He says his glasses always got in the way, and now he doesn’t need to worry about them.

Since getting LASIK, Nico says he feels like he is no longer holding back. The team at St. Cloud Eye Clinic is honored that Nico came to us to give him clear and natural vision that allows him to coach and train without the hassle of contacts or glasses.

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