LASIK is a life-changing experience for many people, giving them new clarity for their vision and a lifestyle free of glasses and contacts. But let’s face it—LASIK is also a large financial investment that can be a barrier for many people. That’s why we’re always excited to learn and share creative ways our patients are finding to help save money for LASIK in order to invest in one of the most valuable things in life—clear vision.

Today, we’re excited to share a bit about the story and experience of one of our recent LASIK patients—Jason Szafranski. His story is inspiring to us both because of how LASIK is benefitting his life and vision, but also because of how he worked and saved to make this investment in himself and make LASIK a reality.

Like many of our patients, Jason wore glasses for nearly his entire life. “I’ve worn glasses since 3rd grade, and contacts never really worked for me. In my 20s and early 30s, I always thought about LASIK, but due to other things in life, LASIK was always pushed to the back burner,” Jason says. Like many people, the cost of LASIK was one reason Jason continued to push it off to a later time.

A few years ago, Jason began finding time to regularly donate plasma as a simple way to save some extra money. “My schedule allowed me to donate plasma regularly, twice a week. I thought it would be a great way to save up and afford some extra things in life,” he says. At the start of his donations, Jason didn’t have a specific plan to use his savings for LASIK. But the way the savings grew helped him consider larger possibilities. “They paid me for each donation by putting the money on a debit card. I didn’t check the balance for about 9 months, and when I finally looked at how much I had saved, I was pleasantly surprised.”

The payoff? Jason has found that he’s consistently able to save over $1,000 every 6 months through plasma donations. By saving up consistently for 1-2 years, Jason was able to consider a lot of choices for how to use his savings.

“I actually donate plasma right across the street from St. Cloud Eye Clinic, so I see the sign every time I drive by,” he says. When he realized how much he had saved up, Jason decided to get his free LASIK screening and see if he was a candidate. “Everything about St. Cloud Eye Clinic has been incredible. The education, the medical exams, the recommendations, getting scheduled. Everything has been great. I knew right after my screening that the absolute best possible investment of my plasma savings was to get rid of my glasses and get LASIK.”

Jason’s LASIK procedure was a huge success, and he was able to make it happen through creative, consistent savings from plasma donation. He has some specific advice for people thinking about LASIK.

“We’re all on different budgets, and LASIK seems expensive. I get it, and that’s what held me back for a long time,” he says. “But glasses and contacts are not cheap! LASIK is basically the same cost as a couple years of glasses or contacts. But with LASIK, you eliminate the vision problem and save money over time. My advice? Do it, find a way to make it work. LASIK should be a priority over buying a boat or a vacation. It’s changed my life.”

We’re thankful for the chance to help Jason see the world more clearly with LASIK, and stories like his continue to inspire us. Creative ideas like plasma donation savings are another way to make LASIK an option for any budget, and we hope it inspires more people to consider LASIK rather than waiting months or years. Because, as Jason says, he has only one regret:

“My only regret with my LASIK procedure is waiting so long to make it happen. Don’t wait until you’re in your 40s like I did. I took so much for granted with my vision, but not anymore. My LASIK experience ranks up there as one of the best things I’ve ever experienced.”

If you’re ready to change your life through LASIK, call us to schedule your free LASIK screening and see if you’re a candidate.

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