LASIK is a transformative procedure, and the team at St. Cloud LASIK was pleased to extend our 3rd annual Gift of Vision procedure to Lee Stevens back in late 2015. We make LASIK screenings a requirement for entry into our contest to ensure that the winner is a good candidate. While Lee’s initial screening suggested that LASIK would be a good option for him, further testing revealed that LASIK was not currently a viable choice for Lee. Because LASIK was ultimately not the best option, we offered Lee the chance to give his Gift of Vision procedure to someone he loved; he chose his wife Allison.

Allison reveals that she and Lee were together when we called to deliver the news that he was not a candidate for LASIK. After Lee offered the gift to Allison, she was initially hesitant, feeling awful for her husband. “We were both disappointed,” recalls Allison. “Lee had discussed wanting to get LASIK done for a number of years, but we understood and respected Dr. Lucius’ recommendation that he was not a candidate.” While Allison’s vision was better than Lee’s, she knew that she could benefit from LASIK, as she had difficulty wearing contacts and found glasses to be uncomfortable.

“We both thought this was very generous and went above and beyond their obligation,” she says.

Allison explains that during the screening process and time leading up to surgery, Dr. Lucius was direct and honest in his description of the procedure. “I was told it would be uncomfortable for the first few hours but would start to feel better later that evening,” she says. “I was amazed that after resting for a few hours, I woke up and was already experiencing better vision.”

Today, Allison is incredibly pleased with her results. “It is so nice to just get up and go, not having to worry about the hassle of contacts or glasses on a daily basis,” she continues. “The Gift of Vision is a wonderful giveaway that truly makes a difference in someone’s life. It gave me clear, hassle free vision. What more could I ask for?”

While we do wish we could have granted Lee the Gift of Vision, we are thrilled that he was able to give this life-changing gift to his lovely wife, Allison.

Lee and Allison Stevens: A Gift of Vision Love Story - Post