Since receiving free LASIK as a part of St. Cloud Eye Clinic’s 2016 Gift of Vision giveaway, Dean Angermeier has enjoyed seeing how his LASIK procedure has positively influenced all areas of his life.

Dean’s vision has been consistently clear and sharp after receiving LASIK with Dr. Richard Lucius. Dean says he enjoys waking up in the morning with clear vision and seeing his beautiful wife. His mornings are easier with him not having to deal with the hassle of contact lenses.

His newly clear vision has helped Dean in many areas of his life including playing racquetball with his son, seeing his computer better at work, and seeing road signs more clearly. With his clearer vision, he enjoys “everything,” he says.

Reflecting on his LASIK procedure at St. Cloud Eye Clinic, Dean says the experience was “very easy and quick.” He says the Dr. Lucius walked him through what to expect and answered questions. The St. Cloud Eye Clinic team was committed to helping him feel 100 percent comfortable with doing the procedure. Dean had multiple exam visits before the procedure to ensure everything was just right for the procedure.

During surgery, Dr. Lucius and staff continually reassured Dean and explained what was happening throughout the ten-minute procedure. “It was comforting to hear the doctor and staff talking to me each step of the way,” Dean says.

The first thing Dean noticed after surgery was how quickly his vision improved. He says the results were immediate after surgery.

Dean encourages others to get LASIK, and he thinks there is no reason to not get the procedure.

“You would update your cell phone for a better model,” Dean says. “Why not update your vision with LASIK by St. Cloud LASIK?”

Looking back, Dean says his only regret is that he didn’t get LASIK years ago. “I have been stuck with my flip phone for too long,” he says.

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