Today, we’re thrilled to be checking in with our 2017 Gift of Vision winner, Lori Messinger! After receiving her free LASIK procedure from St. Cloud LASIK, she can now share her overall experience with us and her hopes for the coming years.

“I’m just very excited to not have glasses—it’s so freeing. After wearing glasses for so long, it still catches me by surprise sometimes that I don’t have to deal with them anymore!”

In working with the St. Cloud LASIK team, Lori elected to utilize an approach to the LASIK procedure known as “blended vision.” For blended vision, the doctor uses the advanced technology options and measurements within LASIK to give patients the widest range of clear vision, so the patient can see things at both near distance and far distance as clearly as possible.

“Dr. Rice’s recommendations were wonderful,” says Lori when reflecting on the decision she made for her procedure. “They explained my options really well, and now I can not only see more clearly overall, but I do have the ability to focus on things both near me and a long ways away. It took a bit of getting used to, but it’s amazing how well I can see!”

Lori notes that she was a little nervous the day of her procedure, but everything went well and she was very comfortable thanks to the staff. “The entire procedure only took 20 minutes, and the team talked me through the entire process,” she says. “What was really helpful is that they knew everything I was experiencing and told me what to expect. That made it really easy.”

After a quick nap following her procedure, she was able to get back to most of her normal daily activities that evening, only four hours after her procedure. “After that first day, I will say that there was some eye dryness that was a little difficult, but the doctors told me exactly what to do about it, and it’s much better now. My vision was so much better just four hours after my procedure, and now every week I notice it’s still improving.”

Lori is glad about the timing of her procedure as well. “Winter was a good time to get the procedure done – now I’m ready for the spring and summer seasons, riding my motorcycle with just my goggles (and no glasses), camping, and all the things I love to do outdoors. My husband is going to be so jealous!”

As we often hear, Lori only has one real regret about her LASIK procedure: “You know, I just kick myself for not getting LASIK years ago. 20 years ago when people my age were first getting LASIK, I just didn’t think it would make a difference in my life. Boy was I wrong.”

“All these years, my life and self-image were defined by my glasses and my vision. In thinking about my experience, I wonder how I would have viewed myself, my self-image, if I had gotten LASIK 20 years ago. I think it would have been even more wonderful.”

As far as the team at St. Cloud LASIK, Lori had a great experience: “I would highly recommend the entire team, everyone that worked with me. They were professional, very thorough, and very quick to respond to any of my concerns. Being local here in St. Cloud is a big deal for me, and it could not have been a better experience.”

“LASIK is a big investment,” Lori says. “I feel blessed to have won the Gift of Vision, but now having experienced my new vision through LASIK, I am amazed at how valuable it really is to me. LASIK is worth every penny, it’s a life-changing moment.”

We’re happy that the Gift of Vision has given Lori the vision of her dreams, and we know her clear vision will be a blessing for years to come. Again, thanks to everyone who signed up for the Gift of Vision, and we’ll plan to connect with Lori again in the fall to hear about her first summer of clear LASIK vision.

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