At St. Cloud Eye Clinic and St. Cloud LASIK, we are blessed to help create clearer vision for many of our patients. Clear vision is an incredible gift, and for people suffering from blurry, cloudy vision or the limitations of glasses and contacts, that gift can be priceless. For 2017 Gift of Vision winner Lori Mensinger, glasses and contacts have been part of her daily experience for her entire life.

“I’ve had pretty bad vision since elementary school,” Lori explains. “It got progressively worse after I finished school and entered the workforce. I tried contacts for a while, but they just didn’t work for me.”

Although she had heard about LASIK years ago, Lori reached an age where she assumed she was “too old” for LASIK. One day at work, she was talking with her coworkers, and one of them told her, “you’re never too old for LASIK!” The coworker recommended St. Cloud LASIK, so Lori gave us a call.

Lori’s coworker was correct, and we are grateful for the recommendation! Lori came in for a free screening with our team at St. Cloud LASIK, and after a medical examination and discussion with the doctor, we were thrilled to tell Lori she was a candidate for LASIK. She was very excited, and even more excited to enter the Gift of Vision Giveaway.

“I’m a person who never wins anything,” Lori says, laughing. “I had already decided to move ahead with LASIK whether I won or not, and I was very surprised when I received the call that I had won free LASIK. I was actually a little skeptical—is this really happening? Is this a joke?”

Lori quickly realized it wasn’t a joke, and she would be receiving a complimentary LASIK procedure from St. Cloud LASIK. “I was excited, but I had to be quiet at work. I just kind of snuck around to the other offices to tell my coworkers I had won!”

“It was really great working with Missy and Dr. Rice to get ready for my LASIK procedure. I had a lot of questions, and they took the time to answer all of them. They were also very accommodating of my schedule in getting everything set up.”

“After my LASIK procedure, I’ll be able to go outside this winter without my glasses getting all fogged up. I’m excited to go camping this spring, and to be able to garden this summer without constantly having to push my glasses up with my shoulder. It will be amazing to be free of my glasses after all these years.”

We’re excited to see how LASIK changes Lori’s life! St. Cloud LASIK has helped thousands of patients see more clearly with LASIK, and our 2017 Gift of Vision winner Lori Mensinger will soon join that list.

Thanks to all of our 2017 Gift of Vision entrants, and be sure to check back in the coming weeks to hear about Lori’s vision after her LASIK procedure.

Meet Lori, Winner of the 2017 Gift of Vision Giveaway! - Post