Laser vision correction appeals to many who are frustrated with the disruption of glasses or contact lenses, and this was certainly the case for Jared Stephany, a law enforcement officer and our recent Gift of Vision winner.

Like many active Minnesotans, Jared enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing sports, and the allure of experiencing these activities with clear vision led him to our office for a consultation.

“I am very active and poor vision gets in the way when I am hunting, fishing, and playing sports,” says Stephany. “I started reading about [LASIK] about a year ago, after a friend of mine had surgery.”

Of our team, Stephany requested Dr. Steven Rice to perform his LASIK procedure because of Dr. Rice’s longstanding reputation in St. Cloud. Dr. Rice has been practicing ophthalmology in St. Cloud since 1987, and was looking forward to celebrating new vision with Stephany.

While recognizing the need for top vision in his work, Jared says, “I can’t wait to be able to spot deer from my stand without any trouble!”

And we can’t wait for new hunting stories.

Congratulations, Jared Stephany!

Officer and Sportsman Jared Stephany Wins Gift of Vision - Post