Questions to Ask About the Cost of LASIK

Questions to Ask About the Cost of LASIK

While LASIK surgery is an extremely wise choice for any candidate, the decision to proceed with surgery and a particular surgeon should always be approached with an inquisitive mind. The facility, the surgeon’s experience, and your individual goals following the procedure should all be greatly considered. Above all else, one of the most pressing topics we get asked about are questions related to the cost of LASIK. Check out some of the most popular questions to ask your surgeon about the cost of LASIK.

Does insurance cover LASIK surgery?

This is probably the most asked question when it comes to LASIK. Overall, LASIK is not a medically necessary procedure, meaning there are other options (like contacts and glasses) that can be explored to correct one’s vision outside of LASIK. Because of this, insurance does not cover the cost of the procedure, in the traditional sense. However, if your plan offers an HSA or an FSA, there is a good chance that those funds can be used towards the cost of LASIK! Always check with your insurance provider prior to scheduling to see what is covered under these add-on policies.

Are there financing options for the cost of LASIK surgery?

While the total cost of LASIK may seem high, chances are a good provider offers some form of payment plan. Sometimes they may make payment arrangements internally within their office, while others allow payments through third-party financing companies, like Care Credit. Plans can vary greatly in interest and fee schedules; some boast 0% interest, some can spread payments out over several years. Regardless of the plan, the great thing is that LASIK is more affordable than you may have previously thought!

Is there an Assurance Plan for LASIK surgery?

A good LASIK surgeon will offer all patients an assurance policy incorporated into the total cost of LASIK. An assurance plan is usually limited to a specific time frame and it covers any type of fine tuning that may be needed when specific criteria are met. This will give patients a great peace of mind, and it also gives them the best possible outcome.

St. Cloud LASIK’s Answers

St. Cloud LASIK is the region’s premiere LASIK provider, offering unsurpassed vision care and the industry’s leading laser technology. Our commitment to technology and comprehensive vision care ensures you receive the best possible outcome for your vision.

Continuing this standard of excellence, at St. Cloud LASIK we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the industry norm in regards to the financial side of LASIK. We believe everyone who is a candidate for LASIK should be able to go forward with the procedure, which is why we offer many financing plans all the way up to 48 months! We also believe continuing care is vital to a successful outcome, so we offer a complimentary assurance plan for 2 years following your surgery, when all routine post-operative criteria is met.

For more information on the costs associated with LASIK through St. Cloud LASIK, and to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure, please request your free LASIK screening online.


Why Winter is the Best Time of Year for LASIK

Why Winter is the Best Time of Year for LASIKWinter in Minnesota can be, challenging. Freezing temperatures and feet of snow can lead a lot of us to want to hibernate until spring. But if you are a candidate for LASIK, you have something to look forward to prior to the warmer months. Before you hide out for the season, check out these great benefits to having LASIK in winter.

Heal before spring and summer

With the arrival of spring and summer comes endless activities and events, but some of these cannot be fully enjoyed while you are healing after LASIK. If you put LASIK off for too long this year, you may miss out on joining that soccer league, since physical activity should be limited immediately following LASIK. Or maybe you have a vacation planned to the beach? Sand and sea are off limits while you heal. And who has room in their purse or suit jacket for eye drops when it comes time for wedding season? When you choose LASIK in the winter, you can rest assured you will be fully healed before warm-weather activities are calling your name.

Less exposure to outdoor elements

Winter is reserved for fireplaces, blankets, and basically anything indoors. Because of this, we are fortunate enough to avoid many environmental and seasonal outdoor factors. Being outside in the spring often means encountering allergies that are generally more irritating to your eyes when you wear contact lenses. Additionally, with summer sun comes a distinct glare, which can be particularly bothersome to patients who just underwent LASIK surgery. A wintertime LASIK procedure dodges these and many more seasonal nuisances.

HSAs + FSAs are replenished in January

Flexible health spending accounts are a great resource when contemplating the cost factor of LASIK. Generally, HSAs and FSAs not only cover LASIK surgery, but they also can typically be used to foot the bill for your post-operative eye drops. And the best part? Most plans and accounts are fully funded at the beginning of the year, making this time of year especially appealing for LASIK.

New year, new vision

Oftentimes, resolutions are challenging to follow through with. But undergoing LASIK surgery is one of the easiest new year promises to keep. The procedure itself is usually no more than 10-15 minutes and recovery time is minimal and virtually effortless. In fact, oftentimes patients can return to work the next day, and resume most activities within a week!

Surviving the winter can be tough. But giving yourself the gift of vision doesn’t have to be. The expert surgeons at St. Cloud LASIK are readily available to see you for your FREE LASIK screening where you will learn many details of your proposed procedure. Start the new year off right with this life-changing procedure at St. Cloud LASIK.


Escape Room Insights

The team at St. Cloud Eye Clinic enjoyed working together to solve challenges in the St. Cloud Escape Room.

We are committed to creating the best vision for our patients, and that requires communication, problem solving, and collaboration. Through working together in the high-energy environment of the escape room, we hope to have strengthened our teamwork so we can achieve even better results for our patients.

We recommend St. Cloud Escape Room as a great way to have fun while strengthening a team dynamic.

Christmas Giving: The Salvation Army

St. Cloud Eye Clinic is honored to have been able to give back to The Salvation Army, one of our community’s great service organizations. The Salvation Army is committed to doing good within our community, and we appreciate their efforts.

In 2016, The Salvation Army provided more than 58,000 meals and 255 tons of food to families within our community, not to mention the lodging it provided to community members. Last year, The Salvation Army’s 69 bed shelter allowed for 21,968 nights of shelter for people. One in every four residents is a child.

Each Christmas, our team comes together for our annual Christmas food drive. In previous years, we have sponsored a family through our Christmas giving, but this year, we decided to support The Salvation Army. Our staff committed to collecting food, clothing, toys, and other items for our 2016 annual staff Christmas food drive. The team collected over 169 pounds of resources, which we were honored to share with The Salvation Army in support of its great work.

We thank The Salvation Army for its abundant and important work. We are thankful to have been able to play a small role in The Salvation Army’s mission of service to our community.

1,000 Reviews and Counting!

St. Cloud Eye Clinic is proud to announce that we’ve broken the 1,000 mark for online patient reviews! Thank you to all of our patients who have taken the time to review our vision services – it means a lot to us that you’ve trusted us with your vision AND you’ve taken the time to share your experience with others.

One question patients ask us is, “Why do you ask all your patients to review your services?” There are actually two important answers to that question.

First, we really want to know how our patients think we’re doing! If something we do isn’t working or a patient isn’t happy, we want to know about it. This is one important way we constantly focus on serving the community better.

Second, people around St. Cloud have an important decision to make about who to trust with their vision. We think it’s important to hear from real patients about their experiences so you know what to expect and who you can trust. Not all of our reviews are positive, but with a nearly 96% approval rating, we continue to offer St. Cloud’s leading vision program.

Hear what some of our patients had to say:

“Very professional. (I do not take this for granted as I have certainly shopped around for a reason.)”

“Dr. Lucius and staff are wonderful people to work with. They are caring people and answer any questions to the level you can understand. I would highly recommend Dr. Lucius to any family members and friends!”

“Good experience. Wait time was minimal and Dr. Harstad does a great job of telling you what he’s doing and what he sees. No wondering what is going on and what is happening. Friendly office staff as well. Keep up the good work!”

“Always treated well. Dr. Rice saved my eye sight, I can’t thank him enough.”

“I was referred to Dr. Anderson by my optometrist to discuss multiple issues, including refractive lens replacement and symptoms consistent with the possible onset of glaucoma. Dr. Anderson was informative and helpful. He provided me with several options for treatment, and explained benefits and concerns for each option. I left the clinic with a clear picture of my condition, and a clear understanding of my options. I was very impressed with Dr. Anderson’s knowledge, and I was very grateful for his interest and concern.”

To read all our reviews, visit our Facebook page.

2015: A Year in Review

2015 was a great year! We received over 800 reviews from our patients and we’re proud to say that over 96% of our patients would recommend our services to family and friends! Here are some things our patient had to say about us:

“It was a pleasure visiting the St. Cloud Eye Clinic. The front desk receptionists were helpful, kind and considerate. The technician was friendly and very thorough in her preliminary exam which I feel allowed Dr. Anderson additional time to fully listen to me, perform a detailed exam and address my concerns. When I left the clinic I felt confident in his assessment and plan. I can count on the St. Cloud Eye Clinic to be professional, courteous and meticulous from the start to the completion of my visit.”

“I’ve been very happy with the care I’ve received from this clinic. Dr. Lucius is great and takes the time to answer your questions and concerns.”

“My insurance is changing and the doctor and staff were very accommodating to help me have procedure and remain covered. Very kind and compassionate care.”

St. Cloud Eye Clinic prides itself on constantly improving to serve the St. Cloud region. We thank all of our patients for allowing us to serve them and for giving us the opportunity to do what we love every day. We’re honored to serve the St. Cloud region, and we’re committed to making 2016 an even better year of creating and protecting vision.

To see all of our reviews, visit our Facebook page.