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Meet Lori, Winner of the 2017 Gift of Vision Giveaway!

At St. Cloud Eye Clinic and St. Cloud LASIK, we are blessed to help create clearer vision for many of our patients. Clear vision is an incredible gift, and for people suffering from blurry, cloudy vision or the limitations of glasses and contacts, that gift can be priceless. For 2017 Gift of Vision winner Lori Mensinger, glasses and contacts have […]

Excited, Nervous and Now Enjoying Life without Glasses

Contacts were no longer the best fit for Andrea, who works in IT, is a mother of a toddler and loves living life to the fullest. Her LASIK story:  My experience with St Cloud Eye Clinic was great! The welcome service I received when I made my appointment was wonderful. I was nervous going in for my consult as I […]

Congratulations to our 2016 Gift of Vision Winner!

St. Cloud Eye Clinic is happy to announce Dean Angermeier as the recipient of our 4th annual Gift of Vision LASIK procedure. As someone who has worn contact lenses for nearly 35 years, Dean has always wondered about getting LASIK. Dean’s seasonal allergies and his passion for underwater sports made life with contact lenses inconvenient and sometimes painful. His friend’s […]

Lee and Allison Stevens – A Gift of Vision Love Story

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LASIK is a transformative procedure, and the team at St. Cloud LASIK was pleased to extend our 3rd annual Gift of Vision procedure to Lee Stevens back in late 2015. We make LASIK screenings a requirement for entry into our contest to ensure that the winner is a good candidate. While Lee’s initial screening suggested that LASIK would be a good option […]

2015, A Year In Review

2015 was a great year! We received over 800 reviews from our patients and we’re proud to say that over 96% of our patients would recommend our services to family and friends! Here are some things our patient had to say about us: “It was a pleasure visiting the St. Cloud Eye Clinic. The front desk receptionists were helpful, kind and […]

Clearer, Brighter, Sharper

In December, we selected the second Gift of Vision Giveaway winner, Jared Stephany, to receive LASIK in both eyes. Dr. Rice performed the procedure for Stephany in February “At my follow up appointment I was [seeing] 20/15.” So, how does the world look after LASIK? Jared Stephany tells us, “It’s great. Everything is clearer, brighter, sharper.” The most surprising part […]

20/20 After LASIK

Only 24 hours after Dr. Steven Rice performed Jared Stephany’s LASIK, our 2014 Gift of Vision Giveaway winner sees better than ever with 20/20 vision. Stephany’s LASIK journey began more than a year ago when a friend had LASIK  surgery. Intrigued, he looked into options at St. Cloud LASIK. “Everyone was very friendly, explained the procedure completely,” he says. At the […]

Officer and Sportsman Jared Stephany Wins Gift of Vision

Laser vision correction appeals to many who are frustrated with the disruption of glasses or contact lenses, and this was certainly the case for Jared Stephany, a law enforcement officer and our recent Gift of Vision winner. Like many active Minnesotans, Jared enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing sports, and the allure of experiencing these activities with clear vision led him […]

Kat sees 20/15 after LASIK

You’ve probably heard Kat on 104.7 KCLD, but you may not have known that Kat is a new mom.  Like many moms with active kids and a full schedule, Kat decided she didn’t have time for glasses or contacts. After a consultation with Dr. Lucius and his team,  Kat chose St. Cloud LASIK and had a great experience.   Kat […]

More Benefit With Advances In LASIK

Millions of people have benefitted from LASIK.  But there have always been some who couldn’t benefit.  The surgery was once off-limits to people with thin corneas, dry eye and prescriptions in higher ranges. Now, however, thanks to advances in technology and technique, more people than ever before can enjoy the excellent vision – and the freedom from eyeglasses and contact […]